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6 essential services that facilitate everyday business


We are constantly expanding the range of services we offer to our clients and partners to better meet their needs and expectations and to allow them to focus their time and resources on their core business activities, while we take care of the rest.

Insurance for equipment and its financing

Insurance coverage for the equipment financed is among the services we typically offer to our clients and partners. These can cover, among other things, the loss or repair of financed or rented professional equipment. The financing of the equipment itself may also be covered in the event of death or total loss of autonomy of the company’s director.

Equipment maintenance and servicing

Charging the clients for the actual use of an equipment rather than the equipment itself: this is the objective behind the leasing solutions with maintenance. Exactly like in the case of internet service providers who lease out not only the router (the equipment), but also access to internet (use), and even television channels in some cases. In such an arrangement, the service provider is the one responsible for the proper functioning of the equipment.

Administrative tasks

Our offers sometimes also include contract management and lease payment related services.

For example, we offer a “simplified service package”, allowing the customer to carry out, at no additional cost, a number of operations such as:

  • Modifying the lease expiry date,
  • Re-issuing documents,
  • Changing postal addresses, banking information, legal names, etc.

In contracts where more than one equipment has been leased, there is also the possibility to implement interspersed rental plans to align the rent payment of all equipment, even if they have different due dates. This not only makes it easier to manage accounts, but also allows the business to benefit from an earlier delivery of equipment, if needed.

We also offer billing services tailored to the needs of each company. For example, we can create a single invoice that groups all the services required by the company (lease, maintenance, operational services)or issue a separate invoice for each one.

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Fleet management

Fleet management of logistics or technological equipment is not limited to a leasing contract. It is also important to ensure that vehicles and equipment stay in good condition by planning technical inspections and updates and by verifying their compliance with the latest environmental and safety standards. That’s why we offer tailor-made services such as guidance in choosing the equipment well, administrative and fiscal tasks, operational management of the fleet and repairs and returns of equipment.

Financing the distribution network inventory

We offer professional equipment manufacturers the opportunity to finance their inventory for their multiple distribution networks. This solution allows them to optimise their cash flow and eliminate the risk of non-payment, while freeing themselves from administrative hassles like collection of invoices. Finally, it enables retailers to acquire equipment more easily and therefore to offer more products to their end customers.

Value Chain Solutions

We offer our clients and partners complete solutions ranging from equipment financing to contract management and leasing. That being said, we also offer these services in isolation: for example, we can very well offer billing and customer relationship management solutions without a financing contract, or our fleet management services without equipment financing.


We are committed to your business growth.

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