At BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, we strive for a work ethic based on principles of equal opportunity. We translate this belief into concrete policies and initiatives because we strongly believe that it is key to our collective success.

Our commitment towards a more egalitarian workplace is based around 3 key priorities:

Mentoring programme

Having a role model, a mentor, is a strong weapon against the infamous glass ceiling. The mentor inspires and advises the mentoree on both their career and work-life balance.

This year, 12 women from different countries will be personally mentored by the members of our Executive Board: Isabelle Loc, Pascal Layan, Delphine Roché and Wolfgang Pinner.

Stay tuned to our LinkedIn page to follow the journey of our 12 mentorees.

Giving the cause a voice

As a socially responsible business, we feel it is our duty to drive positive change in the society we’re a part of.

We aim to use every external and internal platform available to us to give the cause the strong voice it needs and deserves, such as

  • the press
  • social media (through Pascal Layan, our official spokesperson for HeForShe)
  • industry events (like Global Summit for Women with Delphine Roché)
  • in-house conferences to raise awareness among collaborators

Best place to work

The average person spends one-third of their life at work. It is therefore essential that the said workplace puts into place policies and measures to ensure the overall well-being of its emloyees.

To catch up on gender equality in this regard, we’re evolving our HR policies to ensure:

  • Equal pay for equal work.
  • Better and safer working conditions