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Digitalisation of customer journeys : a constantly changing reality?

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Jean-Michel Vauthier, International Marketing Director, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions

At BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, we’re evolving our customer journeys by digitalising them from end to end. This vast project involving employees as well as partners, aims to offer a simpler and faster experience to the clients through new tools and services developed using the latest technologies.

This isn’t the first time we’re leveraging technology to simplify the customer experience. When the internet first arrived, we developed a web platform designed to facilitate exchanges between the sales teams and the customers. Since then, we’ve constantly adapted our organisation and our tools to improve the customer experience and stay one step ahead of the curve. “Our priority is to digitalise our entire sales process:  from understanding the customers’ needs, making them a suitable financial proposal, processing and finalising their request and finally, signing the contract electronically. Digital is a fundamental part of our value proposition,” states Jean-Michel Vauthier, International Marketing Director. Always looking towards the future trends, our teams have been integrating the possibilities offered by new technologies into the core business for the past ten years.

Our ambition is to streamline the customer journey through applications capable of generating an online or offline quote within minutes, in line with the needs expressed by the customers. “Our tools account for the complexity of our offers and our markets through intelligent use of our data. It’s a simple solution that makes it possible to give a quick answer to a financing need,” adds Jean-Michel Vauthier. Our digital offers are solidified on a daily basis through a collaborative approach involving multidisciplinary teams. The latest innovation launched at the end of 2018 was the “Follow my proposal” application, which enables us and our partners’ sales teams to monitor the status of financing requests in real time. “This solution saves time and resources for both the partners and sales teams by limiting back and forth exchanges through email or phone calls, for example,” adds the Marketing Director.

Accelerating digital transformation

The digitalisation of the customer journey at a global level requires a lot of work from our IT teams. “API management is a priority to facilitate communication between our information systems and those of our partners,” notes Stéphane Sorin, Director of Information Systems. Another major project involves the consolidation and analysis of data to draw useful information that will make it possible to adapt the company’s offer to the specific needs of our partners. “The more information we have on how customers use our equipment, the better equipped we will be to adapt our financing solutions to their needs ” explains Stéphane Sorin.

Digitalisation requires robust security for our IT tools and data, in particular our cloud-based data. We work closely with the BNP Paribas Group to ensure a high level of security. “We regularly reinforce our security requirements with safeguards and controls regarding the use of our data,” says the IT manager. We also have a programme in place to raise awareness on this sensitive issue internally, for our employees.

We’re adapting our IT infrastructure to accelerate digital transformation. A newly formed organisation will put in place structures to facilitate the development of the client-partner experience, APIs, data management and progressive transfer to the Cloud. “We have built a roadmap and must now work together to achieve our goals,” concludes Stéphane Sorin.

* API: application programming interface (often referred to as API for application programming interface) is an IT solution that allows applications to communicate with each other and to exchange services and data with each other.

Stéphane Sorin, Director of Information Systems, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions

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