Maintaining the trust and satisfaction of our industrial partners


Year after year, we support and strengthen our partnerships with manufacturers and dealers of professional equipment. These partnerships and the solutions we offer are constantly evolving to better respond to the changing needs of our partners and their clients.

Solid, long-term partnerships

Since our creation, we have developed strong relationships with manufacturers and distributors of professional equipment. We work with all the main equipment suppliers across sectors (agriculture, transport, construction, IT, office equipment, healthcare, telecommunications, energy transition, etc.). We have more than 50 international partners today, representing about 400 local agreements, most of which are long-standing partnerships, some going even up to 30 years.

If in 2019 we were able to finance 346,000 projects for a total volume of €14.1 billion across 20 different countries, it is because we work very closely with this network of partners. A network that has trusted us with their business year after year and whom we have supported by providing the best-suited solutions to develop their sales.

Concrete initiatives to measure the satisfaction of our partners

In addition to our regular contacts with our partners, we also conduct specific surveys to measure their level of satisfaction and evaluate their changing needs.

We conduct a quantitative survey every year and a qualitative survey every two years. The combination of these two approaches allows us to continuously improve our service offer.

This has been a long-standing tradition at BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions – in 1978, for instance, we launched the initiative “At the service of our clients”, that aimed to get feedback from our clients and partners on the quality of our relationship and the areas of improvement.

For the past several decades now, the results are carefully studied and followed up with an action plan.

Which is why our NPS (Net Promoter Score) has been steadily increasing since many years:


This progression means that our partners are increasingly inclined to recommend us to a colleague or to a peer. And we sincerely thank them for their trust.


A closer collaboration during the COVID-19 crisis

Throughout the crisis and the lockdown, we’ve made every effort to stay by our partners’ side and maintain this strong relationship. Since in-person meetings were no longer possible, we switched to videoconferencing to keep in touch.

Regular newsletters were sent out to keep them informed on the evolution of the situation, our business continuity plan and the specific measures launched to support them during this difficult time.

We reminded them of the digital tools available, enabling them to continue their activity remotely. From the finance request to the electronic signature of contracts, the digitalised dealer journey had already been deployed before the crisis and helped us ensure the continuity of activities. We also shared with our partners the exceptional measures put in place to manage their clients’ requests for payment deferrals, including strengthening teams and deploying 15 robots to process a large proportion of requests automatically.

Once again, they trusted us with their business.
The mutual cooperation and solidarity that we saw during the crisis has only strengthened our ties and our partnerships are stronger than ever.

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