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Micro leasing, a first in Western Europe!

BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions Belgium has partnered with MicroStart, a microcredit institution, to offer micro leasing solutions.

Unprecedented in Western Europe, microleasing is the equivalent of microcredit applied to leasing. Indeed, thanks to this funding, entrepreneurs who cannot access to bank loans, have the opportunity to rent their equipment. Micro leasing therefore contributes to financing the real economy.

This partnership is part of the civic pillar of our CSR strategy, positive leasing, which notably aims to fight against social exclusion by supporting micro finance initiatives.





The first contract signed in March 2016 allowed a small painting company, founded by two people, to replace their truck that had broken down, allowing them to ensure the continuity of their business.



MicroStart :

MicroStart is an organization active in microcredit in Belgium. It is one of the most dynamic and innovative European organizations in the field of professional microcredit. Since 2014, microStart chairs the European Microfinance Network which brings together more than 80 European organizations active in this field.