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New headquarters in Nanterre: a new environment and new ways of working

Between January and March 2017, the corporate and France teams of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions gradually left the former headquarters of Puteaux to settle in Nanterre, in a modern and HQE-certified (high environmental quality) building.

New ways of working

The relocation of oBNP_LEASING042ur offices in Nanterre is accompanied by significant changes in our ways of working.

First of all, the employees whose position allows it will be able to do teleworking, that is to say to work from home, 1 to 2 days a week. The aim of this approach is, in particular, to promote personal / professional life balance by limiting the time they spent commuting.

When they are in Nanterre, employees will be able to choose the workstation that best suits their task of the moment: an isolated workstation in order to concentrate more easily, a desk which, on the contrary, favors teamwork, a workstation allowing them to work standing…

They will also benefit from brand new digital equipment, brainstorming and co-working spaces, conducive to the development of collaborative methods and innovation.

Beyond the installation in new premises, this move is also part of our digital transformation strategy.




BNP_LEASING216 Brainstorming room - BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions' headquarters in Nanterre

  • A high environmental quality building


The “Pixel” building, which we now occupy, has been certified by Certivea as a HQE (High Environmental Quality) building. This certification distinguishes buildings whose environmental and energy performance corresponds to current best practice.

“Pixel” also obtained the sustainable building passport (level “Exceptional”) with:
> 3 stars on its energy performance with the BBC Effinergie label.
> 3 stars on the environmental criteria
> 3 stars on health criteria
> 3 stars on the comfort criteria

Besides the performance of the building itself, our Social and Environmental Responsibility approach led us to reduce the number of our printers from 401 to 30.In addition, the flex-office should also help reduce paper consumption. As employees no longer have a dedicated workstation, they will be less likely to retain paper documents and should favor digital formats.

  • A Good Place to Work



Our move to Nanterre is also synonymous with new services for our employees. They can benefit from a gym, with group lessons and a room with cardio machines.

A concierge will make their life easier by offering, among others, a service of dry cleaning, alterations and shoe repair.

They may also have their parcels delivered there.


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