Switch to the rental model with Switch’ON

Our Switch’ON digital application allows us to support companies that wish to migrate their business model from sales to rental or leasing. It enables them to answer the questions that are increasingly being asked relative to the usage economy: is it worthwhile for me to change my business model or not? What are the envisaged benefits? How to convince end-customers to opt for leasing?

Leasing is already well-established for certain products such as cars for individuals, as well as photocopiers for companies. This shift to the usage economy is extending to more and more economic sectors.

Thanks to leasing, companies can always have access to equipment that perfectly suits their needs, while maintaining their cash and their investment capacity.

For manufacturers and distributors, migrating from sales to rental – or leasing –  implies working with a financial partner that purchases their equipment and leases components to end-customers.

Leasin or rental enables manufacturers and distributor to: 

  • increase their sales through differentiating offers
  • secure their earnings
  • protect their margins
  • build customer loyalty

What is Switch'ON?

Switch’ON is only available in France for now but it will soon be available in the other European countries where we operate.

Firstly, it’s a decision-assistance tool that uses two models to assess the relevance of the leasing model for companies:

  • an audit that determines if their business is suited to this model, based on some 30 criteria (useful life of the products, frequency of technological upgrades, regulatory pressure, etc.);
  • a simulator that measures the economic impact of switching to a leasing model.Once the choice of the leasing model has been made, Switch’ON works with the sales forces of manufacturers and distributors by providing them with:
  • training materials
  • a commercial kit (sales arguments…)
  • a purchase / rental simulator that highlights the benefits of rental, but this time intended for the end-customer.

“The usage economy is a deep-seated trend. For our customers and partners, migrating to this model is a major financial and competitive advantage, as well as a new way of winning over and most importantly retaining new customers. With Switch’ON, we can provide them with a single tool to make this happen.”


Charlotte Dennery
CEO of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions

Make the move to rental today!

Our salespeople are available to provide you with a complete audit of your business as well as a simulation in order to measure the earnings difference between sales and leasing.