Supporting businesses during the crisis


The health and economic crisis that marked 2020 hit the world in the most sudden and unexpected manner. A lot of businesses found themselves in a precarious situation and needed to be supported through specific measures.

Clients with very diverse profiles

Because our client base is spread out across several sectors, the impact of the health crisis and the sudden halt of the economic activity wasn’t the same for all of them. For example, essential activities like agriculture resisted well to the consequences of the crisis, because no matter what the situation is, countries around the world will always have to feed their populations.  The IT equipment market was also one of the few sectors that was able to maintain their business inflow, particularly because of the accelerated pace at which companies had to implement work from home, to ensure the safety of their employees.

On the other hand, there were industries that saw a sharp decline in their activity due to the lockdowns, like transport (except for those in the food industry) and construction where economic activity fell by almost 50% in April. It was the same case for other non-food-related businesses like textiles and automobiles industries which suffered quite a lot.

To support these businesses, during this difficult and uncertain period, we introduced specific measures.

Measures tailored to the needs of each client

Thanks to the digitalisation of our processes that started several years ago and the introduction of new collaborative digital tools such as videoconferencing, our teams were able to remain in close contact with all our clients, despite the physical distance. They continued to respond to their requests, whether to finance a new project or to manage existing contracts.

In order to provide concrete support and help preserve the cash flow of our clients, we approved more than 160,000 requests for 3 to 6 months payment deferrals in all our countries, a third of which came from the clients of the banking network of BNP Paribas.

In order to respond to these requests as quickly and efficiently as possible, we deployed 15 robots that helped manage a large number of requests in an automated manner.

And for our clients wishing to finance new equipment, our European e-signature solution enabled them to sign their contracts remotely, in a secure manner.

Supporting economic recovery

As countries slowly exit the lockdowns, the focus is now on economic recovery, even though the local challenges specific to each country and each sector continue to persist.

Businesses will have to catch up to make up for the slowdown experienced during the past few months. And our teams are ready to support their future projects!

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