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Top 5 IT equipment that are more economical to rent than to purchase

Computer equipment is constantly evolving technologically. This makes it one of the equipment that are hit hardest by obsolescence. So it can be particularly worthwhile for your company to lease it, or at least part of it.

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Computer equipment is constantly evolving technologically. This makes it one of the equipment that are hit hardest by obsolescence. So it can be particularly worthwhile for your company to rent it, or at least part of it.

This way you can make sure that you always have the latest generation of devices, which also in turn reduces maintenance costs, since you upgrade your devices regularly. But which devices specifically are the most economical to rent or lease?

No. 5: Audio equipment, such as speakers

Depending on how your company uses its computer equipment, computer speakers can represent a significant expense. High-end models can cost several hundreds of euros, meaning that it  would be much smarter to opt for renting over purchasing. Instead of paying a high amount upfront for an expensive accessory, through renting you can spread out the cost over a certain period of time This option is even more attractive if you only need sophisticated speakers for an occasional project or event.

No. 4: Tablets

More and more companies today are using tablets in their offices not only for employee use, but also as a way of diffusing information internally (for example, to display meeting room availability next to the doors). By opting to rent them, you will be able to have the latest versions on the market while keeping costs down. On the other hand, rushing out to purchase the latest models could prove to be extremely costly. Should your company use tablets only occasionally, again, the arguments in favour of renting are obvious.

Tablet use within companies has quickly become widespread.

No. 3: Interactive terminals

Trade fairs, street marketing initiatives, open houses, and more. The use of interactive terminals (simple terminals or consoles fitted with anything from basic to sophisticated touchscreens) is limited to specific events, even more so than tablets. So, it only makes sense to acquire them for a limited period than buying them and storing them forever.

No. 2: CPUs for desktop PCs

Desktop PCs are the cornerstone of your IT infrastructure. Upgrading them regularly can prove costly. Whether you opt for purchase or renting will depend on how much (or little) your company relies on new technology. If you are only using basic functions (word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, etc.) it may be smarter to purchase than to lease or rent. On the other hand, if your computer equipment fleet needs to run on the latest software, you should look into leasing. Buying new computers every three years to upgrade to the latest software can prove to be very expensive.

em forever.

No. 1: laptops, the biggest expense

These are undoubtedly the equipment most at risk of obsolescence. Laptops are quickly superseded by the latest versions, much more so than desktops. In addition, these devices have a short life cycle, compromised by the way businesses generally use them, which often requires lots of RAM (notably instant messaging and videoconferencing software). To sum up, laptops are costly (depending on the company’s usage), quickly worn out, and outdated. So, do give some thought to the way your company uses them to evaluate how renting can help cut your costs, in both the long and the short term.

Laptops: the biggest expense for companies.
Laptops: the biggest expense for companies.


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