- Press Release

Under the leasing sun!

This summer, put an end to car trunks on the brink of explosion, bags stuffed with beach toys for the kids and a pile of luggage that you never know what to do with! This year, and especially in the times to follow, people will go on holidays up to 50% lighter. They will clear out their closets and storage units of the objects that they only end up using for a few hours per year.

Their saviour: leasing!

Anything and everything can now be rented for use. While it was always common to be able to rent a tent or a mobile home, a broader range of objects can now be rented: from beach toys to a barbecue set, from mobile phones to capture your holiday moments, to even swimsuits, flip-flops or a complete sports outfit for the morning run.

Businesses are also taking care of their temporary needs by choosing the rental option. This allows them to renew their equipment more easily to keep up with the technological innovations for instance. In addition to a better offer, leasing allows them to relieve their cash flow with financing that takes into account the seasonality of their activities: scooter rentals, refrigerated cellars for ice-cream sellers/makers, the parasols at the beach restaurants whose owners may want to change the fabrics according to the trends, the restaurateurs and their cooking appliances that run at full speed only two months per year…the real economy is gradually moving towards the usage economy.

So when your friends invite you to a barbecue this summer, it shall be under the leasing sun, whether you realize it or not!