Depending on your country, we offer the following products:


Finance Lease
Under this arrangement, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions finances and owns the equipment but it provides no service outside the provision of equipment.

Finance Lease with purchase option
With this type of financing, you know in advance the price at which you may buy the equipment when your leasing contract ends. We tell you the residual value of the asset when the contract is signed. At the end of the contract, you have the option to pay this amount and take ownership of the equipment.

Operating Lease
Under this arrangement, you use the equipment without acquiring it. BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions retains ownership of the asset. Once the rental period is over, you can return the asset or extend your agreement.

Leasing with services
As Operational Lease, but you are entitled to additional benefits such as equipment servicing and maintenance.

Real Estate leasing
Exclusively for buildings intended for professional use, i.e. industrial, commercial, or for the provision of professional services. We finance construction, the purchase of existing buildings, the purchase of land followed by construction, and acquisitions in future completion.

All companies and all professionals, regardless of their market or industry, at some time need to invest to grow their business.

Therefore, we offer various finance solutions for:

  • SMEs
  • Mid-size companies
  • Large international groups
  • Craftsmen
  • Retailers
  • Farmers
  • Self-employed people
  • Administrations and public bodies
  • Associations
  • Contact your provider

We have signed partnership agreements with major equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors. They can offer you a suitable finance solution directly.

  • Contact your bank account manager

BNP Paribas Group bank account managers can work in collaboration with our leasing sales representatives to bring you a tailored finance solution.

  • Directly through BNP Paribas Rental Solutions

If you want to finance and outsource the management of your IT or industrial vehicle fleet, contact us directly : http://www.rentalsolutions.bnpparibas.co.uk/en/

As well as finance solutions, we offer:

  • Insurance cover for assets

We offer different types of contracts providing insurance in case of total or partial loss of equipment.

  • Insurance cover for operatives

This insures individuals whose services are indispensable to the company against the risks of death and permanent or temporary disability. The outstanding balance on the insured equipment will be settled in full.

  • Maintenance and other services for financed equipment.


We specialise in financing plant, machinery, technological equipment and software. For example:

  • Agricultural machinery including tractors, combine harvesters, forage equipment and balers
  • Construction and civil engineering equipment such as excavators, backhoe loaders and loaders
  • Materials handling vehicles such as forklift trucks
  • Utility and industrial vehicles and road tractors·
  • Office, IT and telecommunications equipment
  • Medical equipment such as dental and medical imagery equipment
  • Audio-visual equipment
  • Protection equipment including alarm and video surveillance systems

But we also finance:

  • Real estate for professional use: supermarkets, hypermarkets, storage centres, warehouses, clinics, retirement homes and offices
  • Power tools and industrial equipment
  • Retail equipment such as bakery equipment, supermarket shelving and anti-fraud portals

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The information below is provided for information only and are subject to the legislation of the country where the contract is signed.

A financial leasing contract should mention :

  • Purchase price: the price (excluding tax) at which the company purchases the equipment from the supplier, which forms the basis for calculating the rent. The purchase price is freely negotiated between the lessee and the supplier.
  • Contract period: the period during which the equipment will be rented. The duration can vary according to what type of equipment is being financed, and should be similar in length to the tax depreciation period of the investment. It is normally between three and seven years.
  • Frequency of payments: payments can be made monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. This makes it easier to match payments to cash flow, even if seasonal. Instalments are usually payable in advance, and the amount depends on the duration, frequency and type (linear, regressive, progressive or flexible). The lessee also has the option to make a higher first payment to reduce the total cost of the lease.
  • The residual value of the asset (for leasing with a purchase option): this is the price at which the equipment can be purchased at the end of the contract. The price is fixed in advance and takes into account the value of instalments already paid.

There are three options at the end of a contract.

Purchase the equipment The contract includes a purchase option at a price determined in advance. The lessee may buy the asset at the end of the leasing contract by paying its residual value. There is no purchase option.
Return the equipment At the end of the contract, if the lessee does not want to become the owner of the equipment, it is returned. Equipment is returned at the end of the contract.
Extend the contract New conditions are agreed and the contract is extended. If an extension was indicated in the original contract, it will apply without any need for renegotiation.