Equipment Finance for a changing world: new brand signature

Equipment finance for a changing world – these five words embody the essence and the ethos of BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions.

Equipment finance: Our story with equipment finance began 70 years ago and has known many chapters since then but the equipment we finance for our clients and partners have always been at its centre. Our vocation in all our years of existence has been finding the best-suited financial solution for every equipment need, whatever the sector. From tractors, to laptops, medical equipment, charging stations for electric vehicles to even buildings, the equipment we finance help execute some of the most essential functions of the society we live in and keep the real economy turning. Our belongingness to this industry and the real economy is part of our DNA and so it’s only natural that it reflects in our signature.

For a changing world: Change is the only constant in the world. While it may be uncomfortable, it also brings a myriad of opportunities for growth. Over the past decades, we have consistently evolved our solutions and services in line with the social, economic, cultural and technological paradigms and have as a consequence also enabled the businesses we support to adapt themselves to the shifting market realities of each era. This is also the guiding principle and the signature of the BNP Paribas Group (Bank for a changing world) of which we’re a part of and with whom we collaborate more closely each day with the goal to offer a diverse suite of solutions to our clients.