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The spring of usage economy

Gardening 4.0: when usage economy meets the latest technology

Gardening 4.0: when usage economy meets the latest technology

Which garden owner would not want to get rid of the redundant and recurring task of mowing, especially in the spring?

Even more so when involving a third person turns out to be more complicated: trusting them with your house keys, arranging a machine in a decent condition, paying for the service without knowing in advance how long it will actually take.

In such a situation, when the maintenance of green spaces is left to the technologies, it gives way to innovative services that not only make your life easier, but also ensure that you pay only for the actual work done.

BNP Paribas Leasing solutions will fund Husqvarna’s mechanized equipment for landscapers. Like the mowing robots that, equipped with GPS in some cases, ensure a perfect mowing of the most complex lawns, from small to large surfaces up to 5000m². Thanks to IoT, it is already possible to monitor and control the activity of these robots remotely, and to charge the user according to his needs and the actual use of the equipment; to the area (m²) of the lawn mowed for example.


In the next ten years, this partnership could be extended to mini-drones. This is Husqvarna’s vision through “Solea“, the first concept of professional lawn care for the futuristic cities planned for 2030. Nine robot mowers, transported by a drone, will arrive by air to mow the lawn autonomously while the mini-drone will continue to fly and collect data in real time. Once the mowing is done, the drone moves on to another mission.

The system is therefore designed to operate quickly and silently, 24 hours a day, with the ability to adapt itself discreetly and effectively to the environment, while facilitating the daily lives of professionals and offering them the opportunity to not only pay for the use, but also to have additional services such as maintenance or insurance.


Thanks to all these innovations, gardeners will be able to concentrate on more interesting tasks requiring real human expertise, while having the guarantee of a service billed at its right cost.