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All kinds of equipment you can lease for your business

Furniture, cash registers--all of your business equipment can be leased!
Furniture, cash registers--all of your business equipment can be leased!

As a shopkeeper, you need to acquire many types of equipment before opening your shop: lights, cash registers, and security systems are all necessary to run your business. While it can be expensive to purchase all these items, leasing them is an excellent solution.

Leasing has numerous financial advantages. Here are some of the equipment you can lease for your store and why leasing or renting them is a great option.

Cash register: to adapt to regulatory pressure

This is undoubtedly the most important piece of equipment for any shopkeeper. Leasing is not only possible, but strongly encouraged, in order to adapt to technical improvements and to comply with changing regulations at a low cost.

For example: as of January 1st 2018, all shopkeepers in France must use certified, secure accounting software, and must therefore have the right kind of cash register. Professionals who had chosen to lease or rent their equipment were able to acquire a suitable machine without disrupting their budget by simply changing to a new model at the end of their contract.

Lighting systems: to consume less energy

Efficient management of lighting and light bulbs in your shop may seem like a minor detail, but it has an important impact on your business’ budget. In fact, your electricity bill can vary significantly depending on whether you use old or modern lighting systems, as new lighting systems consume much less energy.  Here again, leasing allows you to regularly renew your equipment and therefore benefit from the lower energy costs of modern lamps and light bulbs.  It’s also worth considering the strong regulatory pressure that requires frequent replacements (the sale of halogen light bulbs will be prohibited as of fall 2018.)

Security systems: to even out your costs

Metal detectors, alarms, video surveillance cameras… Security equipment is essential for shopkeepers, and can prove to be quite costly. Leasing allows you to acquire this equipment regardless of your budget. With leasing, there is no large initial investment, but rather an expense that is spread out over several months.  Again, you benefit from the possibility to adapt to technological progress with each new product you lease.

Furniture: follow the trends

Your shop may need furniture: armchairs, seats, or couches for your clients to sit on, shelves, display cases, etc. By leasing this type of product, you will be spared the significant expense of purchasing everything, while maintaining the possibility of regularly renewing your shop’s style according to the latest trends.

Refrigerated display cases: reduce your energy bill

As a seller of food and drinks, you will need refrigerated display cases. Large-scale retailers are especially affected by this. For example in France, agreements passed in June 2012 and required this sector to progressively equip its refrigeration equipment with closed refrigerated cases which consume less energy. As with all products that consume electricity, leasing guarantees that you will be able to benefit from the most economical products, thus saving money on your bills.

Vehicles: transport and deliver your merchandise, promote your business

Running a business often requires the use of vehicles to keep items in stock (utility vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, etc.), but also to prepare to offer new services. Restaurants, for example, have an increasing need to be able to make home deliveries with scooters, a sector that has grown rapidly in the past few years.  Leasing or renting thus allows you to expand your business without having to make a large initial investment.  Utility or passenger vehicles are another communication channel that allows you to promote your business and develop its image at a low cost. Personalizing your vehicle with your logo and contact information is a good way to make your business known.  Using an unusual vehicle can also help you stand out in people’s memories.

Audio equipment: bring life to your business

Another kind of equipment that you can procure through leasing is an audio system (wall, spherical, or integrated speakers, loudspeakers, intercoms, etc.). Whether it’s a simple equipment to contribute to the ambiance in your store or restaurant, or a more complex installation allowing you to make announcements in a department store, leasing will allow you to equip yourself with modern equipment while controlling your budget.

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