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Better Live Our Work – Our change management programme in Italy

VIVERE MEGLIO IL LAVORO is the name of the change management programme initiated by the Italian teams in 2016.

The objective of the programme is to create a dynamic, benevolent and interactive working environment.

This new environment aims at enabling the expression of everyone’s potential and foster work-life balance, with maturity and responsibility.

Processed with Snapseed.The programme was initiated in 2016 when the teams moved to new offices in the Diamante Tower, in Milan. This move was a great opportunity for them to change their Ways of Working with:

  • Flex Office spaces 

SMART SPACESThose new flexible spaces allow employees to choose their work station depending on the project they work on, giving them the opportunity to work more collaboratively.
There is no more closed offices in the Diamante Tower and even the General Manager, Thierry Bonetto, shares the open space with the teams.

  • Home Office

Since August 2017, 75% of eligible employees now work from home at least 1 day per week, allowing for a better work/life balance.

  • New digital tools

Of course, those changes in the teams’ way of working imply new digital tools. Employees can now enjoy laptops and smartphones that enable them to work from the office, their home or when traveling for example.

  • Paperless policy

Being mobile and having a clean desk policy also means carrying less paper around and so moving from printing to digitazing.

Reducing our paper consumption is also one of our CSR objectives. As part of our “positive leasing” approach, we aim at takings actions to reduce our environmental footprint.


The implementation of these new ways of working was facilitated and accelerated by the move to new premises.

Nevertheless, the teams pursued their actions in favour of cultural change with different workshops for managers and the whole staff to define altogether their ambitions and actions to create a satisfying working environment.

With technology never stopping and environment constantly evolving, this approach is and will always be a work in progress for the teams to better live their work now and in the future!

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